For those of us in the restaurant industry, it is no secret that the need to cater to guests with specific dietary restrictions has risen at an alarming rate over the past few years. This emerging trend creates a major pain point in the service experience for both restaurant staff and patrons alike, and the ability to accommodate these needs in a safe and convenient way has become more important than ever.

What is Menu Mod?

Menu Mod provides an efficient and accurate way for your restaurant to handle food allergies and dietary restrictions. With a few quick taps, your menu is filtered to meet any given set of restrictions, from serious food allergies to the latest trending diet. The challenge in accommodating a guest with specific dietary needs is virtually eliminated, giving that guest peace of mind about the meal being served, saving your staff time and headache during the rush, cutting out the cost of comped and refired dishes, and protecting your business from possible liability.

How It Works


Your staff inputs your menu, ingredients and possible modifications online. You have full control over how your kitchen is able/willing to modify each dish.


Guests can see and filter your menu on their own phones using the Menu Mod app, while your employees can log in to the Menu Mod Employee app for a more detailed menu breakdown.


Select the desired set of restrictions, and the app presents all menu items that can meet those restrictions, including how each dish may need to be modified. It's that simple.

Menu Mod has both a consumer-facing and an employee-facing app. The consumer app provides an image and brief description of each dish, while the employee-facing version provides more detailed breakdowns for your staff to reference.

For restaurants that change up their menu on a regular basis, updating Menu Mod is simple. Add specials, take menu items offline, and update ingredients with a few quick clicks. Changes are immediately available on the app.

Employees can download Menu Mod Employee and log in with your restaurant's credentials for a more detailed menu breakdown. Aside from being centralized source for menu refenence, this proves useful as both a training tool, as well as keeping current staff up to date on menu changes.


Pricing for Menu Mod is a simple $99/month per location.* This includes:

     - The online portal for the input of your menu

     - Unlimited downloads of the Menu Mod app to any number of devices

     - Your menu available on both the consumer-facing and the employee facing apps

     - Technical support

In addition, we offer an optional setup workshop onsite at your location for $400.** The workshop provides a detailed walkthrough for inputting your menu online (no instruction is needed for use of the app). This workshop is recommended, but not necessary, as the website also provides all information required for getting your menu up and running.

* scaling available for chains with multiple locations
** plus travel expenses if applicable

Request a Demo

To request a free demonstration, contact us at In-person demonstrations are available in the greater Los Angeles area, or via Skype anywhere else in the world.