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Menu Mod

Simply download Menu Mod from the App Store on any iOS device. (Andriod coming soon)

Menu Mod Employee

Download Menu Mod Employee on any iOS or Android device. For demonstration purposes, we've created a menu for a fictional restaurant called The Upstairs Grille.

login: upstairs
password: password

For context, here's little info about our imaginary kitchen:

- There is only one fryer, so cross-contamination occurs for all dishes with fried components. For guests with severe allergies to gluten, shellfish, dairy, etc., this is accounted for.

- The shrimp and steaks are cooked on the same flame grill, so a shellfish cross-contamination occurs for flame-grilled steaks. However, this can be avoided by simply by preping the steak somewhere other than the flame grill.

- The dessert prep station is a small area, where cross-contamination can easily occur among all dishes. So while only one dessert contains peanuts, and only one contains mango, we recommend that any guest with a severe allergy to either avoid them all. Except for the ice cream of course, which is prepped with a clean scoop in the feeezer each time.